Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Some tasty treats from Team C

Got home from the office today to discover a very innocent looking brown cardboard box covered in Chinese writing. Yipee, new bits from Team C to fit to the mighty Ansmann X-Pro. For those that don't know, this 1/10 2wd buggy is manufactured in China by Team C, and sold around the world as (variously) the Ansmann XPro, TQ Racing SX10, TeamC SX10 and also the Kawada something or other. All very confusing...

A mysterious delivery from the Orient...

Upon opening the box I was presented with a large bag containing a new body shell. center chassis and other components required for the new-on-the-market mid-motor conversion, plus some rather bling CNC front and rear lower arm holders. The front is particularly nice as it includes an optional screw-in brass weight to give a bit more steering if required. Based on the last outing a TORCH this will be going straight into the buggy.

As for the mid-motor conversion, I'm planning on saving that for the summer season and running rear motor over the winter. Then again it is now sat in the workshop daring me to build it up, so who knows? Either way I'll be laying some colour on the shell in the next couple of days, keep watching for an update.

Yum, tasty R/C goodness!

I'll post more on the conversion as I fit it, but a quick first glance shows it to be very 'X-Factory'-like, just check out that carbon battery brace. The new chassis is very stiff and feels like it has a very high carbon content. I may get hold of an RTR chassis later on to see if it has a little more flex in it, this would also allow me to use my existing LiPo's - the new chassis is saddle pack only.

A new rear shock tower is included as it has to be positioned slightly behind the existing location to accommodate the supplied new gearbox, this containing an extra 28 tooth (plastic) gear to make sure the rear wheels still turn the right way! This all bolts down to a new T piece which a much thicker than the original item, and looks like it could survive a nuclear bast.

Finally one of my favorite bits, the new body shell is very sleek, and looks like it should do a great job of protecting the exposed pinion spur and slipper, especially if it's velcro'ed to the chassis. It's also cool that this time round you get a full-sized rear wing, rather than the slightly cut-down item that ships with the X-Pro.

Ordered direct from Hong Kong this is an amazingly good value for money package, time will tell how well it goes on the track, all be it with a numpty like me behind the wheel!

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